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Quality Policy: 

  • To achieve excellence and performance through joint efforts, and to continue our dedicated work towards betterment. 
  • Our primary aim is to satisfy our customers, and to meet their requirements effectively. We create values for all our customers as well as our company.
  • Committed to manufacture & deliver quality products like as Brass Sheet Cutting Components consistently.
  • Continual improvement in all business areas, processes and products.
  • Quality, cost efficiency and timely delivery of products & services.

Training Policy:

  • We believe in improving asset of human resources for constant improvement in product quality.
  • Periodic training is provided to achieve better quality levels, and to make things easier, faster & cost efficient.
  • Time-to-time measurement of employees skills & capabilities with relation to competence skill & matrix skill.
  • Internal training from professional bodies.

Quality Assurance:

Our efficient quality assurance team performs the best possible to provide complete assurance of perfectness of the products like as Brass Sheet Cutting Components. It follows stringent quality checking at all stages, right from selection of raw material to the final dispatch:

  • Planning to reach the best quality.
  • Test equipment & testing methods.
  • Employees trainings, time-to-time.
  • In-process inspection of production.
  • Calibration & maintenance of equipments.
  • Up-to-date records of quality standards.
  • Design & development according to customized design.
  • Dedicated engineering division.
  • Venders control, and audits for quality & delivery.
  • Complete visual inspection to insure defect free products.
  • Statistical measurement methods such as: variance analysis, X-Chart, R-Chart, SPC (CP, CPK, Histogram Study), and trends etc.

Machinery Strength:

  • Automatic Turning Machine (Primary Operation)
  • Trouble Kind Automatic Machine (Primary Operation)
  • DTS Double Cam Shaft Automatic Machine (Primary Operation)
  • Multi-Station Rotary Disc Transfer Indexing Machines (Secondary Operation)
  • Fixed Head Automat (Primary Operation)
  • Sliding Head Automat (Primary Operation)
  • Screw SPM (Secondary Operation)
  • Tapping / Threading Machine
  • Hand Operated Drilling Machine
  • Hand Operated Slitting Machine
  • Hand Operated Fly Press
  • Bench Grinder
  • Power Press Machine
  • Special Drilling Machine, and Drilling Machine
  • Special-purpose Threading Machine.

Quality Control Equipments:

  • Plating Thickness Testing
  • Profile Projector [pp] 50X
  • Digital Vernier Caliper [Brand - Mitutoyo]
  • Jet-Air Pressure Testing Machine
  • Micro Meter [Brand - Mitutoyo]
  • Dial Vernier Caliper [Brand - Mitutoyo]
  • Checking Machine/Torque Testing
  • Ring & Plug Gauges for Various Threads
  • WCP Gauges - Master Calibration
  • Pin Gauges - Specific
  • Special Gauges for Critical Dimensions
  • Special Radius Gauges for Radial Over Components
  • Components of Brass Sheet Cutting.